«Мы производим СИБИРСКУЮ КЛЕТЧАТКУ - продукт для красоты и хорошего самочувствия»

Eng. Siberian fiber and bran products.

Healthy products from Siberia since 2001.

Certificate ISO 9001 (download) 

Research and production company “Siberian Fiber” – Russian company producing fiber-rich food products.

These products contains the following components: skinned cereals, wild Taiga berries and Altai herbs, as well as international industrial trends involving slimming products such as green coffee, Chia seeds, Gogi, cacao beans, fruit and vegetables.

Cooperation and Business benefits

(1) high marketing margin and low purchase price

(2) more than 100 items on stock list

(3) health-promoting effect in 2-4 days

(4) safe quality products in accordance WITH  ISO 9001 Standard and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points [HACCP]

(5) different packages available: plastic, cans, packets, unit cartons

(6) shelf-life: 12-18 months; no specific storage and transportation temperature requirements

(7) both package and composition of products can be adapted to client’s needs.

(8) products under house brand

(9) Siberian high-fiber and bran products are exported to following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Federal Republic of Germany, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, etc.

10) Product addresses the growing demand for dietary fiber

11) Further marketing development is possible. 

 Thank You for your interest in Our Company. Looking forward to mutually beneficial and long-term partnership.

           Executive Director, LLC “Siberian Fiber”

      Anton Chernikov

e-mail: tfzp@mail.ru